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Is Man Superior?


You have to laugh! I mean, we claim superiority over all creatures on earth. Why? Because – so we state – we are intellectually superior, walk on two legs, say “excuse me” when we fart and so forth. But are we really? Are we superior to say, dogs? We laugh when we see them peeing on every marking post in sight, get embarrassed when we see them sniff each others bums and even more embarrassed when they try to hump other dogs or our legs. Frankly, I love it! Dogs have no artifice, false pride, dignity or superiority. They just ‘are’. Their human owners on the other hand, may have the aforementioned traits, but not their canines. That is a whole other story in itself! No, I want to talk about how humans, especially men, emulate their dogs behaviors, especially the ‘marking the territory’ routine.

I take Judd the dog out for a walk and true to form, he pees on bushes, telephone poles and other public (Read ’embarrassing’) places. A uniquely canine behavior, you say? Not so! I see human men marking their territory all the time. What else is placing a fence around your property, but ‘marking’ your territory? Have you noticed how men’s posture, walk, facial expressions and other less obvious signals display when they are showing off their new or hot car? Or an attractive female walks by their house (If the wife or partner isn’t looking)? Or say coming face-to-face with a stranger while walking on the sidewalk. The best is the protective male walking with his girlfriend, partner or wife. Every sign he is able to muster, screams ‘HANDS OFF! She’s mine! Perhaps it is a good thing that we guys do not pee to mark our territory! I mean, it would be embarrassing for your partner to go around with urine-soaked shoes. Or instead of a fence, we had to daily, march around the property, peeing on every available bush, with ‘refreshment breaks’ to top up the old bladder . ..

So let’s not deny that men do indeed, pee on bushes. We may not sniff bums either, but I am positive there is a human equivalent!

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  1. Morgan Onda
    Morgan Onda04-05-2010

    You don’t sniff bums?

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