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  • Horse and Carriage in Victoria

    Horses and Carriages – The Conundrum


    Walking Judd the Rockweiler the other morning, when a horse and carriage clip-clopped by.  I love that sound and there are several of these carriages that do business in Victoria.  I love horses. I love riding them,smelling them,feeding them,grooming them and rubbing their velvety muzzles. …

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  • Choices and Consequences

    Life Simplified


    “It’s really all very simple”, she said. “Living life  requires attention to only two factors: Choices and consequences.  Understand the consequences of everything you choose BEFORE you make the choices, and life will be easier, simpler and happier.” “Oh”, I said.

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  • Diplomat0412 0058 300x196

    The Lament


    I was walking Judd the Rockweiler this evening. It was raining rather heavily and we were on one of those back alleys that exist in our neighbourhood of James Bay. For no reason that I can think of, no connection other than perhaps the more …

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  • Map Greater Victoria1

    BC Provincial Cowardice in the Face of Almagamation


    Victoria, BC.  Home of 13 communities, three hundred and fifty thousand people, seven different police forces and thirteen fire departments.  Yup.  7 police and 13 fire departments.  An amalgamation of the 13 aforementioned communities should have happened years ago.  The polite types suggest the provincial …

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