A Victoria Winter


I have a definite love-hate relationship with Victoria, British Columbia.  Take today for example.  It is 18+ celsius and sunny – the perfect Victoria winter day.  Judd the dog and I walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf Park, so he could watch his seal friends beg for food in front of the fish store.  ‘Grilligans’ was open,  offering the best hot dogs in town and people were sitting on benches on the jetties enjoying their coffee.  A perfect Friday in every way.  Contrast this with our most ‘un-pragmatic’ population whining in the local newspaper about the Olympics, the Blue Bridge, sewage treatment, HST (Okay, I too am whining about that one!) and so forth, and I want to jump in with the harbour seals!  I hold the belief that while one must fight for what he or she believes in,  once the decision is made on whatever the issue is, MOVE ON and GET OVER IT!!  Go fight the next battle!  People in this city  waste an inordinately huge amount of time complaining and organizing against issues that have been already decided.  Victoria is the city of ‘un-change’.  Is that a word?? . . .. . .

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