Roomba 500 Irobot

Bob The Robot


We know there is the ‘inside voice, outside voice’ divide.  Is there an ‘inside blog, outside blog’ equivalent?  If so, I’m about to cross it . . . .   So there I am, perched  in the ‘throne room’, peacefully reading the morning news.  Heather is at work, Judd the dog is snoring on the sofa and ‘Bob’ the robot vacumn cleaner is working away.  Life is perfect, at least from the male perspective, right?   Suddenly, the noise of Bob at work gets louder!  Louder!!  Then – wait for it – Bob PUSHES the bathroom door open!  I mean how embarassing, even if he/she is a robot!  I’m sure I was blushing while Bob busily swept behind the door and under the counter.  I even had to lift my legs up while Bob cleaned around the base of the toilet!  Don’t laugh!  Have you ever tried lifting both legs straight out and up while sitting on the John?  For the next level of difficulty, try doing this while holding newspaper in one hand and trying not to get your pants caught in the vacumn with the other.  Modern life is a trial sometimes . . . .


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