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  • Tiger Woods Picture 1

    iPads And Tiger Woods


    I don’t get it.  I don’t get why people drove down to the USA from Vancouver and area to buy the new iPad.  After all, they are being released here in two weeks!  How can people not figure out the cost of running a vehicle …

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  • 200px Canadian Forces Emblem.svg

    Dear Canadian Media


    Dear Canadian Media, Those of us in the Canadian military, full and part-time, appreciate your greater coverage of the past few years.  We really do.  However, allow me to correct a few inaccuracies, and if you would pass these onto the Canadian public, that’d be …

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  • Blue Sea Parting

    Miracles – Maybe WE Just Don't See Them?


    When it comes to Easter, I lean more to the religious or Christian angle of the event, as opposed to bunnies, chocolate and now apparently, ‘Easter gifts’.   So, as we were walking Judd the dog through Whistler’s forests, for some reason or other, I …

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  • Article New Ds Photo Getty Article 171 178 78634701 XS

    Etiquette Vigilanteism


    Oh, I SO love the title of ‘Etiquette Vigilanteism’!  Heard the term on a CBC Radio interview and it spoke to me.  I’ll try to be careful not to let this article deteriorate into a rant, but I mean, it just so gets to me …

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