CommonDawg is Back!!


Hello all my newsletter friends!  After a year training for and serving in Afghanistan, CommonDawg is back, with a new format and other changes.  However, I hope the basis of the  writing will stay the same.  That is, I will strive to make it worth your while reading and hopefully passing on to others by using the CD sense of humour he seems to find in everything, being honest and hard hitting and finding unique topics to rant and rave about.

Natasha and Melissa of NLC Inc. and Splat Designs have created a new site, with more options from which to choose and even easier to use.  Thanks, guys!  The past year was interesting, if more than moderately stressful, as you might imagine.  Going forward, I am working on a book (Working title:  ‘The Dung Beetle Diaries.  Journeys and lessons of the Awkwerd Soljer from Sudan to Afghanistan and Places in between’)and continuing to blog and market the website.

Judd the Rockweiler, Heather and I are still spending lots of time up in Whistler and this summer, enjoyed lots of visits with friends from Canada and the USA.  We have a trip back to Africa planned for late September, which will among other exciting events, involve a two week train trip through six Africa countries – great fodder for writing material!  Cannot wait!

I will sincerely try to provide you with a quality product, worthy of your time.  I know how busy all of you are!  And please, if you think the newsletter something your friends and colleagues would enjoy, pass it along!

Cheers for now.

Jim (And Judd the Rockweiler)

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