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Horse and Carriage in Victoria

Horse and Carriage in Victoria

I have stolen the five following ‘secret’ travel tips from ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ and added one of my own.  And because this is MY blog, my point shall go first . .. .. .

(1)  When traveling overseas, leave your ‘Canadian-ness’ behind.  I garuntee a much more fun trip, if you are not comparing  the local ammenities or lack-there-of, to those ‘at home’.  Live the experience fully and wholly for what it is; being in a foreign country

(2)  Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.  Conde Nast Traveler recommends traveling on off-peak days and times.This can mean lower fares, less crowded cabins and the possibility of snagging those mileage-award seats!  If planning a long week end, save money using non-traditional days off  ie. Tuesday through Friday  or Saturday through Tuesday!

(3)  Conde Nast Traveler suggests that if you are traveling in say, Europe or Asia from city to city, consider flying mid-day instead of taking the normal early morning flights.  Some of the benefits include

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