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PS – Do You Think The Taliban Are Laughing At Us?


Do you think perhaps the Taliban are laughing at we Canadians about now?  You know, the country that is arguing about the treatment of war prisoners?  The prisoners and their colleagues who have killed almost 150 of our countrymen?  The saddest part is that the Liberal, ND and BQ parties could really and truly give a shit about what happens to the politically correct-termed ‘detainees’.  Can you in your wildest dreams imagine the Taliban leadership sitting in a circle debating how their Canadian prisoners were to be treated?  Interestingly, it is always the human rights types and politicians – the desk pushers – who debate events such as this.  Rarely if ever, will you have those who have served at the ‘pointy end’ of things, in the shit, at the wall, in the trenches, discussing the niceties of prisoner or detainee care.  They are too busy staying alive.

See, the problem is in the descriptor ‘detainee’.  It is a nice and clean term that does not begin to describe the horror inflicted on innocents by the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.    Detainee describes someone who deserves to be clothed in clean overalls, fed three squares a day and given unionized smoke breaks.   Picture if you will, a Tali-terrorist on the rise of a hill, remote control device in hand, watching a convoy or foot patrol from a distance.  He or she sees the ‘enemy’, our countrymen, cross over a select spot.  The switch is triggered, a horrendous explosion occurs, the earth is flung skyward, along with the body parts of some Canadians.  Detainees?  No!  They are prisoners of war.  End of sentence.  End of story.

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