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Scooters and Me


The Scooter GangI unearthed a secret today.  It is impossible not be cheerful when riding a scooter!  I’m not sure if it is the funny little horn, that sounds – on my Ruckus at least – like two gnats fighting.  Or possibly it is the buzzing of the 49cc of raw power propelling the bike along.  For sure it is due, in part, to the cheerful waves from other scooter drivers, as if your being aboard one,  gives you automatic entry into a select society.  It could be the looks one receives from motorcycle riders as you pull up beside them at stoplights.  I love blipping the throttle at them, as if to challenge them when the light turns green!

Regardless of the reason, I find my mouth in a grin whenever I ride the scooter, although that could be a result of the warp-speed wind on my face as I barrel along at the top speed of 60km . .. . .. .

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