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crazy_driver1255106794I like to think that I am an observant fellow and most of what I observe or at least comment on is of no value, or at least not marketable. Today’s blog is one of those. Have you ever observed the different positions that automobile drivers sit in? There really is a huge variety! But what do these varying positions mean? Let’s see what we have; There is the type – usually a guy, of course – with his right wrist slung over the top of the steering wheel, and his left shoulder slumped way down. This is known as the ‘I think I’m cool – although I’m not – look and is usually evinced by those driving cars 10 years or older, but with shiny hubcaps. We have the ‘forearm locked’ driver, who abound in Victoria, BC. The hands – white knuckled – are gripping the wheel at the quarter-to-three or ten-to-two positions. The veins are standing out on the locked neck, eyes are bulging and the speed of the vehicle hovers around 30 kph no matter what the speed limit is. The passenger usually looks the same. Quite often these drivers are so shrunken that they cannot see over the wheel. Stay well clear!

We of course have the ‘twinned driver’. That’s the fellow driving his pick-up truck with his girlfriend glued to his right hip. Does this just look dumb when you’re driving from behind and looking in his window, or is this just me? Hope she is belted in when he hits the car in front, because he is distracted!

I just saw the ‘straight arm’ driver who oozed coolness or thought he did. A close relation to the wrist slinger, but a little bit more serious. He might have the other hand supporting his steely chin and eyes focused on the rear view mirror – looking at himself. His sunglasses will be propped uselessly atop his head, even at night. Then there is moi. The perfect driver. Hands casually at ‘quarter-to-three (The new ‘ten-to-two’)’,alert but relaxed. Scanning my instrument panel on a regular basis, including my mirrors, I am the ultimate professional! Courteous, I always use my turn indicators and I NEVER tailgate, unless in a hurry to get to Whistler. . . .

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  1. Jessie

    I will look if the attitude of drivers from BC are the same as those from QC.

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