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  • BlueBridge

    Something (NOT) New in Victoria . . . .


    I wonder what it would take for the citizens of Victoria, BC to agree to have something ‘new’ in their city.  Let’s recap:  We don’t want a new sewage system because we feel it is okay to continue dumping our sewage in the ocean.  We …

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  • J J

    The Rockweiller


    Meet Judd the ‘Rockweiller”.  His favourite pastime is flipping rocks over and over, with his nose.  For those of you with ‘dental health’ concerns, he does not pick the rock up with his teeth!  Judd is 121 lbs of lovin’ and suckiness.  Like all dogs, …

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  • Bok Choy Winter Vegetable Lg 6700602

    Cellular Shopping


    So there I am standing in a Whistler supermarket.  I turn down the international foods aisle or whatever they call it, and it is packed!  Oh.  Did I mention that this was Easter weekend?  As I worm and dodge my way down the crowded aisle, …

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  • Clara Hughes 9476

    Clara Hughes for Governor General!


    Just listened to Clara Hughes being interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi on the Q on CBC Radio.  You know, I listen to her talk and I want her to lay her hand on my forehead like a television evangelist, and instead of saying, “Praise Jesus!”, she …

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  • Fertility Clinics Africa

    Why Does Africa So Grip My Soul?


    Sudan, Tanzania, Egypt and Kenya have strong grips on my heart.  And whenever I hear or read anything Africa-related media-wise,  such as the sad case of a hopeful immigrant to Canada from Eritrea committing suicide when our country would not accept him or when I …

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  • Gordon Campbell Tokyo May 2010

    What Are The BC Liberals Thinking?!


    The BC Liberals have fallen into the Guergis-Jaffer trap.  That is, they started to believe their own press.  Whereas Helena Guergis and her husband epitomized ‘entitlement’, the BC Libs have long thought themselves ‘omnipotent’.  I call it the ‘we are so far ahead of the …

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  • Taliban Leader1

    PS – Do You Think The Taliban Are Laughing At Us?


    Do you think perhaps the Taliban are laughing at we Canadians about now?  You know, the country that is arguing about the treatment of war prisoners?  The prisoners and their colleagues who have killed almost 150 of our countrymen?  The saddest part is that the …

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  • Autotrucktoys Blog 2011 Durango

    Why Am I Paying For Helena Guergiss SUV?


    It flabbergasts me that in today’s age of ‘pay-down-the-deficit’ via reduced services and cut-backs, that we still have our Canadian cabinet ministers driven around in high-end vehicles with chauffeurs!  Today’s Globe and Mail has a story how Ms. Guergis’s husband,  Rahim ‘Under-a-HUGE-cloud’ Raffer is accused …

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  • Getauctionthumb

    Canadas Taliban Prisoners, A Tempest in a Political Teapot


    The opposition parties of Canada must be rubbing their hands with glee, as the Afghan prisoner debate goes on, and on and on . .. . . Do any of them REALLY care what happens to Taliban taken prisoner by Canadian soldiers?  I mean, if …

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  • Ipad 2 Review 07



    I so do not agree with Queen’s University professor Sidney Eve Matrix, when she says that “these devices are an extension of our ‘digital selves’” and that “People really use such brands (ie. iPad) to communicate their ambition, their values, their identity”.  Say WHAT??   …

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