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Why Am I Paying For Helena Guergiss SUV?


It flabbergasts me that in today’s age of ‘pay-down-the-deficit’ via reduced services and cut-backs, that we still have our Canadian cabinet ministers driven around in high-end vehicles with chauffeurs!  Today’s Globe and Mail has a story how Ms. Guergis’s husband,  Rahim ‘Under-a-HUGE-cloud’ Raffer is accused of not only using her parliamentary office, but her SUV and driver as well.  Oh brother.  These people cannot drive on their own?  They can’t parallel park a huge SUV?  Change it to row parking then!  Or better yet, give ’em transit passes or possibly  SMART cars.  I mean, they are Mercedes and that lends some cache.  I’m not a socialist at all, but this all reeks of over-privilege.  Is not the generous pay, pension and benefits sufficient?  Could there not be a limo ‘pool’ that they could order a vehicle and driver from when necessary (That means other than going to Starbucks or Tim Hortons)?

It is pretty obvious that all these perks went straight to the heads of this former power couple.  They started to believe their own PR people.  Sorry Helen and Rahim, but you are no better, no worse than any of us.  Despite serving in public office, you do not in anyway deserve these privileges purchased at our taxpayer expense.

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  1. Morgan Onda
    Morgan Onda04-14-2010

    personally, I’d like to be given a choice of EVERYTHING my tax dollar goes to and choose which I am willing to pay for. If I pay $5000 in taxes, then I’d like to pay $4000 to pay down the deficit, $500 for salaries, and $500 for Medical services. Nothing for Transportation infrastructure (gas taxes should cover that). Nothing for social services (EI deductions should pay for that). Nothing for business incentives (Lower taxes should cover those!) Easy-peasy-Japanesey (that’s my wife!)

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