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Clara Hughes for Governor General!


Just listened to Clara Hughes being interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi on the Q on CBC Radio.  You know, I listen to her talk and I want her to lay her hand on my forehead like a television evangelist, and instead of saying, “Praise Jesus!”, she would say, “Feel The Energy!!”  And instead of falling backwards onto a stage, I would go leap the tallest buildings and do good deeds in third world countries.

In the next segment, Jian Ghomeshi is discussing the possibility of William Shatner being our next Governor General, with his co-host.  To hell with that idea… I say, Clara Hughes for Canada’s next Governor General!


  1. Morgan Onda
    Morgan Onda04-23-2010

    as long as it’s not Pr(REFOOOOORRRRRRMMMM)eston Manning. Or Dead (uh, I mean ED) Broadbent. How about we get Terry Fox? I actually heard that response from one of our newly immigrated Canadians. Or how about we invite ol’ HRH Liz to come over and do the job herself? She’s probably got another five years left in her.

  2. Darlene

    Yes, she would be an excellent candidate. And probably the youngest ever.

  3. Jim

    It would be great to have a younger GG for a change, don’t you think?

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