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  • CommonDawg's Travel Tips


    I have stolen the five following ‘secret’ travel tips from ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ and added one of my own.  And because this is MY blog, my point shall go first . .. .. . (1)  When traveling overseas, leave your ‘Canadian-ness’ behind.  I garuntee a …

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  • Jim Book Page

    The Book


    Well, here we are with a new book published!  The creating of ‘Children of Africa. A Photographic Journey’, was indeed a journey.  Although the idea for the book seemed to come out of nowhere and the actual form that it took seemed to create itself, …

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  • Unknown

    Mr. Mandela


    Nelson Mandela has passed and I feel a ‘gap’ or an emptiness in the world’s energy.  It isn’t just all the wonderful kudos and expressions of sadness.  No, it is more, much more than that.  This gentleman epitomized forgiveness – he walked the talk and …

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  • IMG 0374 E1390940301129

    War Stories


    This article contains two links to articles I have written for The Diplomat and International Canada.  The first article (Cover article), published Spring 2009 pertains to my time serving in the Sudan as a United Nations Military Observer (UNMO) in 2006.  The second article (under …

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  • IGP5198

    View From The Train


    I am writing this from our ‘banda’ at the Beho Beho Game Camp, on the Selous Range in eastern Tanzania.  We have just completed a fantastic journey aboard the Rovos Rail train, on which we spent two weeks traveling from Cape Town, South Africa to …

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  • Photo1

    Afghan Fighting Kites


    I have a penchant for framing and hanging items on our walls that were never designed to be displayed this way, if at all.  Most I’ve brought home are from trips around the world, with the most recent from my time in Kabul, Afghanistan. Kabul, …

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  • Clara Hughes 9476

    Clara Hughes for Governor General!


    Just listened to Clara Hughes being interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi on the Q on CBC Radio.  You know, I listen to her talk and I want her to lay her hand on my forehead like a television evangelist, and instead of saying, “Praise Jesus!”, she …

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  • Fertility Clinics Africa

    Why Does Africa So Grip My Soul?


    Sudan, Tanzania, Egypt and Kenya have strong grips on my heart.  And whenever I hear or read anything Africa-related media-wise,  such as the sad case of a hopeful immigrant to Canada from Eritrea committing suicide when our country would not accept him or when I …

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  • Article New Ds Photo Getty Article 171 178 78634701 XS

    Etiquette Vigilanteism


    Oh, I SO love the title of ‘Etiquette Vigilanteism’!  Heard the term on a CBC Radio interview and it spoke to me.  I’ll try to be careful not to let this article deteriorate into a rant, but I mean, it just so gets to me …

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  • I Ain't Mad At Nobody, I Just Like To Argue

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