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  • Looking Glass 3

    Cycle Observations on a Victoria Day


    Hopped on the bicycle to ride down to Canadian Tire today: Saw one fellow sitting on a downtown sidewalk, with his hat on the ground in front of him, hoping for donations from the tourists.  Very close to him was a busker, ‘earning’ her donations. …

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  • Whistler: A Little Piece of Haven


    Here Judd the Rockweiler and I are currently hanging in our little slice of haven – Whistler.  And it has become a haven for me at least, because of it’s increasingly ‘year-roundedness‘. In the twenty seven years I have been coming up here, I am …

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  • BlueBridge

    Something (NOT) New in Victoria . . . .


    I wonder what it would take for the citizens of Victoria, BC to agree to have something ‘new’ in their city.  Let’s recap:  We don’t want a new sewage system because we feel it is okay to continue dumping our sewage in the ocean.  We …

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