Looking Glass 3

Cycle Observations on a Victoria Day


Hopped on the bicycle to ride down to Canadian Tire today:

Saw one fellow sitting on a downtown sidewalk, with his hat on the ground in front of him, hoping for donations from the tourists.  Very close to him was a busker, ‘earning’ her donations.

People riding their bicycles with their helmets slung from the handlebars or backpacks.  Can you spell ‘stoopid’?

Scooter people look cool.

Recumbent cyclists have even smugger expressions on their faces than their upright counterparts.

LOOK before stepping off the curb or opening your car door, dammit!

Cruise ship tourists all look the same.  Glad they’re here though.

Rode home with my helmet on and a smug smile on my face .. .. .


Look in your car’s side mirror BEFORE opening the door!

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