Ipad 2 Review 07



I so do not agree with Queen’s University professor Sidney Eve Matrix, when she says that “these devices are an extension of our ‘digital selves'” and that “People really use such brands (ie. iPad) to communicate their ambition, their values, their identity”.  Say WHAT??   See, this is what happens when ‘experts’ comment on the world they inhabit to the exclusion of having lives.  I would suggest that if iPad and other similar devices owners see themselves that way or indeed live their lives as Dr. Matrix suggests, we are in a world of hurt .  However, I do not think it is true.  I reject the term ‘digital self’.  I reject even more strongly the suggestion that our core values, our very being are so tied up in a box of electronic parts.  If this were so, you would never need to meet someone face-to-face and if you did, there would be nothing more you could learn about them, because the electronic device had so accurately portrayed the sender to you already!  To me, looking at electronic devices – and they are just devices – this way, is the beginning of a slippery slope, the beginning of our de-humanization.  I refuse to believe that what I put ‘out there’ electronically has thing one to do with my core self, no more than the telephone is.  An item of convenience?  Yes.  A device that speeds up our lives (Is that good?)?  For sure.  A window to our souls?  Hardly!

This is what the manufacturers of these devices are counting on.  That one simply cannot survive without them.  The luddite is being marginalized!  So when we have ‘experts’ spouting off about how integral these items are to our lives and to the success of our lives, man, I just LOSE IT!   I know, I know.  Here I am on a computer, blogging, Facebooking, putting it our there electronically.  However, I like to think that the medium I use does not ‘define’ me.  It is not my identity, but a tool only.  If you wish to know my values, I’d be pleased to tell you, but I can tell you that they are not defined by the toys I use.  Gotta go walk this off . . . .


  1. Pat Elliott
    Pat Elliott04-12-2010

    Hi Jim,
    Surely a guy would have a converter or two (or three) (-:

    • Jim

      You’ve ‘converted’ me, Pat!

  2. yer sister
    yer sister04-12-2010

    Hi Dimbulb–me and morely are enjoying tdbds–had to laugh at the tiger woods thingy–“He plays GOLF!” then I began to wonder–what do you mean?
    –does that mean I
    should care about Tiger Woods and his crash and burn? or not?
    Ask me how I spent my birthday.

    • Jim

      No Annabanana, you should not care whether Tiger Woods crashes or not. I don’t. That’s what gets me all hepped-up! People getting so excited about a GAME . . .

  3. Keith

    Jim you are absolutely on n the money. When is the last you connected with someone for a digital lunch? I have a basic cell phone, a basic plan and I am a happy guy.

    • Jim

      Guess I should get on that basic cellphone and call you for lunch?

  4. Mark Lemmon
    Mark Lemmon04-13-2010

    How about the iBoob, you didn’t clamp down on that, did you?

    • Jim

      Well, I’m not a TOTAL luddite . . .

  5. Janet

    I love your blog about your similarities with Judd – I was a soul mate with my dog Tim. He was one of my life teachers about how to live in the moment – so unconditional and all about “being”.


    • Jim

      You’re absolutely right Janet, dogs ARE our teachers, or at least they should be!

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