Canadas Taliban Prisoners, A Tempest in a Political Teapot


The opposition parties of Canada must be rubbing their hands with glee, as the Afghan prisoner debate goes on, and on and on . .. . . Do any of them REALLY care what happens to Taliban taken prisoner by Canadian soldiers?  I mean, if one of the House of Commons’  finest met a Taliprisoner, would he invite him or her home for tea?  Unlikely.  Make that, extremely unlikely.  So why then all the effort and hot air expended in the House of Commons over the issue?  Likewise the Helena Guergis-Rahim Jaffer affair.  Does the opposition really care that two former highlights of the Conservative party got too big for their britches?  Not!

What an incredible waste of energy, the flaying and filleting of the party in power.  Of course there has to be oversight and that is the job of the opposition parties.  But in focusing on merely making the other party or parties look bad,  rather than working on quality issues that actually impact ordinary Canadians, the parties under attack have to waste time and energy defending and attacking back.  Of course what this does, is relegate important items and issues to the back burners.  And to make it all even more distasteful, the parties in question, attempt to ‘spin’ everything in their favour.  This of course shows nothing but an extreme lack of balls.  Take for example, Stephen Harper’s ‘pit bull’ (A title he wears proudly, apparently) transport minister John Baird.  When pinned to the wall with a legitimate question, what does he do?  Attack back of course!  Spin!  Obfuscate!  Re-direct!  Sadly, this is the mantra of our Federal politicians.  There must be a testicle-cutting device along with the female equivalent for all who enter the hallowed halls of House of Commons to pass through, much like an airport screen device.  “Excuse me?  Do you have tendencies to tell the truth or stand up and do the right thing?  You do?  Well then, pass through this machine please”.  OUCH!

So Taliprisoners wherever you are, please don’t get all warm and fuzzy thinking that our opposition politicians really care what happens to you.  It is just part of the job.


  1. Darlene

    Well said! This is the sort of thing that makes thinking citizens gag. Please, please, please, dear elected representatives of the people . . . STOP politicizing everything. It makes you look foolish. We want you to GOVERN responsibly!! Gawd, you’re driving us crazy!!!!

    • Jim

      I think you should run for office, Darlene!

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