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My Dog And I Are The Same Age

Judd the dog and I are the same age.  However, he is much more switched on and with his priorities in perfect order;  chasing cats, playing with favourite rock, guarding courtyard, sleeping, eating, mooching and so forth.  We are displaying increasingly similar physical characteristics though:   Greying around the muzzle, stiffness when standing up, excess flatulence, poor flexibility when bending over (Okay, the last two are more me than Judd), a tad bit heavier than we should be – all muscle, of course – and a tendency to drop down and roll over to have our bellies scratched.

The main difference is that to Judd and all dogs, aging and all that comes with it, just ‘is’.  A fact of life to be accommodated without complaint.  I on the other hand, am a whiner, bitching about my tight hamstrings, sore elbow and shrink-resistant girth.  I complain about how, “Aging sucks!”, when in truth and as an exercise physiologist, I know that ‘lack of exercise sucks’!

Imagine how cool it would be to be able to accept everything in life that happens to you without complaint, successfully being able to ignore or be completely unaware of whatever had happened to you.  Just ‘being’ a term my British friend George uses and one I disparaged, might not be so bad after all.   And I do note that there are many of our vets from Afghanistan, who have lost a limb or two who do indeed exhibit these wonderful traits.

I look up to and admire, Judd the dog.  Many of his traits, except the excess gas, I aspire to.  Okay Juddy, time for a walk.  Where’s my leash?


  1. Sigi Heinrich
    Sigi Heinrich04-13-2010

    ….. but Judd looks better 😉


    • Jim

      That is only because he is from Rotweiller land!! How are you, my friend?

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