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    Summer Decisions


    A summer morning in Whistler.  DevilPuppy walked, coffee brewed and sipped.  Paper read (On-line version), and the day stretches out endlessly before me.  What to do?  Shall I snap together the modular kayak I purchased while in Afghanistan and take it down to Alta Lake? …

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  • Whistler: A Little Piece of Haven


    Here Judd the Rockweiler and I are currently hanging in our little slice of haven – Whistler.  And it has become a haven for me at least, because of it’s increasingly ‘year-roundedness‘. In the twenty seven years I have been coming up here, I am …

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    The Rockweiller


    Meet Judd the ‘Rockweiller”.  His favourite pastime is flipping rocks over and over, with his nose.  For those of you with ‘dental health’ concerns, he does not pick the rock up with his teeth!  Judd is 121 lbs of lovin’ and suckiness.  Like all dogs, …

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  • Birthday Candles 22

    My Dog And I Are The Same Age


    Judd the dog and I are the same age.  However, he is much more switched on and with his priorities in perfect order;  chasing cats, playing with favourite rock, guarding courtyard, sleeping, eating, mooching and so forth.  We are displaying increasingly similar physical characteristics though: …

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