Whistler: A Little Piece of Haven


Here Judd the Rockweiler and I are currently hanging in our little slice of haven – Whistler.  And it has become a haven for me at least, because of it’s increasingly ‘year-roundedness‘. In the twenty seven years I have been coming up here, I am enjoying the mountain more and more for it’s ‘off season’ offerings than for the skiing!

Of course the winter skiing here is considered amongst the best in the world.  But while Heather is still crazy for downhill/alpine, I find myself increasingly enjoying cross-country skiing for its cardio benefits, cheapness and being able to take the Rockweiler along.  And yes, I may be getting lazier.  I said ‘lazier’, not ‘older’ . .. . ..

But are you aware of all the other wonderful activities there are to do in Whistler’s non-ski , aka shoulder seasons?  Tennis, hiking, zip trekking, mountain climbing, kayaking and canoeing, trail biking, swimming and world class wining and dining, are but a few.  And two sports have exploded in popularity up here!  They be golf and downhill biking.  Boasting two Jack Nicklaus golf courses in the Village and many more – non-Jack – on the way up to Whistler and in Pemberton, this area is now a golf mecca!  Further, because of the depressed market, prices have been dropped to historical lows.  Best of course, is the incredible beauty of this area in which the links are ensconced!

The other activities that are dramatically boosting the non-ski population are mountain and downhill biking.  Incredible trails for all levels, bike parks, lifts that cater to bikers who want to rip down the mountains, competitions, cross-country and single track, and Whistler-Blackcomb is welcoming them all, with more facilities every year!

There are things I don’t like about Whistler.  The locals can be snooty, it is expensive and living on Vancouver Island, one has to worry about ferry schedules in order to get up here.  Still, the negatives are far outweighed by the incredible scenery, the ambiance and the choices of things to do.

Oh yeah, the skiing’s not bad either .. .. .. .



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  1. Darlene Ector
    Darlene Ector06-05-2012

    I’m sold! Must get up there one of these years!

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