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Dig Deeper!


CommonDawg is starting to wonder, if there might not be more to this affair

Quebec Student Demonstrations

of the Quebec students demonstrating against higher tuition fees. The whole affair seems to have grown far beyond this one issue, with much of the Quebec and other Canadian public involved. If in fact, the students are merely moaning about higher tuition, then they need to be thrown out into the ‘real world’ to get a glimpse of fiscal reality. However, you have to credit the student leader’s negotiating skills.

As with any debate of this nature, there are deeper issues and ones we need to dig to find. CommonDawg will start digging . . .. .

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  1. Austin

    It is looking a lot like last years protest against corporate greed. Next thing you will know it will spread from city to city through the global, the tent cities will pop up…..

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