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    Summer Decisions


    A summer morning in Whistler.  DevilPuppy walked, coffee brewed and sipped.  Paper read (On-line version), and the day stretches out endlessly before me.  What to do?  Shall I snap together the modular kayak I purchased while in Afghanistan and take it down to Alta Lake? …

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  • Dog Byte

    Scooters and Me


    I unearthed a secret today.  It is impossible not be cheerful when riding a scooter!  I’m not sure if it is the funny little horn, that sounds – on my Ruckus at least – like two gnats fighting.  Or possibly it is the buzzing of …

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    Hate. Really?


    How can one possibly hate somebody or something, if they have not met them or personally experienced that something??  ‘Hate’ is a term used too lightly, easily, ignorantly and incorrectly today . . .

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    Dig Deeper!


    CommonDawg is starting to wonder, if there might not be more to this affair of the Quebec students demonstrating against higher tuition fees. The whole affair seems to have grown far beyond this one issue, with much of the Quebec and other Canadian public involved. …

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    The New and Improved CommonDawg


    Welcome to the new and improved ‘CommonDawg’ – finally!  During my three quarters of a year  in Afghanistan, I let the former site go.  This was disappointing, as Nat and Melissa had done a wonderful on that one as well.  I had hopes of continuing …

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