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The New and Improved CommonDawg


Welcome to the new and improved ‘CommonDawg’ – finally!  During my three quarters of a year  in Afghanistan, I let the former site go.  This was disappointing, as Nat and Melissa had done a wonderful on that one as well.  I had hopes of continuing to write the blog while overseas.  However, I was busy, lazy, stressed, distracted and more, while in Kabul and in truth, found my quick and short Facebook posts to be about as much as I could manage.  These ‘mini-blogs’ where also therapeutic for me, much like writing my journal was, when I was serving in the Sudan.  I now have lots of material and energy and am looking forward to putting it all out there!  Politics,  local, national and international, travel adventure and reporting, military topics, bitches and complaints and much more.  All with a leavening of CommonDawg cynicism and humour.  I mean, I am a fount of stored stories, you lucky readers you!

First, thanks so much to Melissa Harris of Splat Designs and Natasha Beckow of Natasha Lee & Co who, as usual, did a wonderful job on the site and continue to work on it to make it even better.  If you the reader have any suggestions for improvements, they would be most welcome.

What does the future hold for CommonDawg?  We have much planned!  My goal in addition to producing interesting articles, is to make the blog/website financially viable, if possible.  Perhaps via small adverts, if we can build the readership and other consulting services to be offered.  The readership before I deployed overseas, was approximately 1000 with the blog, newsletter and emails.

The other  area of pursuit will be ‘DawgTube’ (Thanks Wallace Scott for the title suggestion), formerly known as CommonDawg TV (CDTV).  Although still evolving, we plan DawgTube to present on-the-street interviews, travel and location pieces, op eds and more,  presented with the Dawg humour and insight.

Finally, it is my sincere wish to publish a book or two with the working titles of,  ‘The Awkwerd Soljer’, ‘The Dung Beetle Diaries’, ‘Children of the Sudan and Afghanistan (Photos)’  and possibly a book on ‘The Tao of CommonDog’.  We will see where this adventure takes us.

From beautiful Whistler,

Jim (Aka, CommonDawg)



  1. Linda Burchell
    Linda Burchell06-01-2012

    Jim I am looking to reading more of CommonDawg – how exciting for you. You are a force to be reckoned with.

    All the best,


  2. Darlene Ector
    Darlene Ector06-01-2012

    Best wishes on the re-launch Jim!

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