Procrastination Sleep

Procrastination As An Art


I’m not sure why procrastination is considered a negative trait.  Think about it.  Procrastination which in my opinion is the opposite to running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, is actually a contributor to one’s health. Blood pressure and heart rate being lower as a result of putting off what needs to be done until another day, can only be good for one’s cardiorespiratory system.  Think of the stress chemicals released and ulcers produced as you rush to meet deadlines!   It is a state that one should aspire to.  Not just anyone can achieve karmic procrastinationism.  In fact, I had to put off doing something that needed to be done, just to compose that last word!  “Sorry, Dear.  I’ll take the garbage out later” . . . . . Too many of you out there are drivers and shakers and soon-to-be CEOs, all because you handed in reports on time or met deadlines or did things because they needed to be done NOW.  Well, all that does is make the rest of us who are refining and practicing procrastination, look lazy.  We’re not!  We are just inefficient.  You think it is easy being this way?  Do you think we arrived at this nirvanic state through sheer ineptitude?  Okay, some of us arrived at this place by being inept.  But others of us practice procrastinationism daily, if not hourly.  I mean, look at everything that interferes with this training.  First, if you are in a relationship of some sort, it is highly likely that your other half will not appreciate this wonderful trait you so proudly exhibit.  Next, we have ‘work’.  I mean, just look at that word – WORK.  It almost inspires one not to procrastinate, especially if this work involves that other thing called ‘pay’.  No sir!  Work and procrastinate should not even be in the same room.  That is just asking for trouble.  Where would we all be if everything was handed in on time or chores were done without any extra urging?  I ask you.  Do you really want a world of efficiency and on-time-ness?  When would we get the chance to yarn over the fence with the neighbour?  What would we do with all the spare time?  So many people would be unhappy because they would have nothing to harp about.  I say we have a responsibility to society to procrastinate!

Procrastinaters of the word unite!  Take a nap today!  The garbage can stay in the garage another week or two.  You owe it to society to delay, delay, delay.  It is what our politicians do.  It is was lawyers who bill by the hour do!  I meant to write this article several weeks ago, and now I’ve gone and done it.  What to do now, I ask?  Yup, take a nap . ..

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