Hugs Cure All


In contravention of all medical logic and H1N1 recommendations, I am prescribing ‘hugs’ as the cure-all. Yup. Hugs. Stare down that virus and hug somebody you love. Hell, hug somebody you don’t love! My father was the world’s best hugger. Even when he was elderly and frail, the power of his arms around me transmitted huge depths of love and unspoken emotion. After, I would feel uplifted and renewed. I also learned to overcome that stupid male fear of emotional displays, and now happily hug all my buddies, some to their discomfort. I don’t care, because it is for my benefit. I’ll even more happily hug my female buddies . . . .

So, in a world of increasing egocentrism aided and abetted by television, movies, Hollywood, video games, cellular phones and other electronic devices and now infused with flu paranoia, I prescribe for you the simple hug.

Here are the instructions: Give no warning, emote through your arms and conclude by grabbing the huggee by the shoulders, look them in the eyes and say, “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I was overcome by ‘hugness’.

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