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Lest We Forget


Today was Remembrance Day here in Canada. Incredible turnouts everywhere, although the fine weather and our involvement in Afghanistan are responsible for most of it. I would like to think that the history teachers of Canada’s public and private schools are responsible for the upswing, but sadly and apparently, this is not the case. Is it possible that these same teachers find Canadian history boring? It isn’t of course, being every bit as colourful as the country’s history to the south of us. I’m not sure what it will take to convince or force Canadian school boards to include more Canadian and perhaps less American history in their classrooms. A movement? A strike? A petition? An Order in Council? A boycott?

On another, but related note, as a naval reservist, I was marching in a Remembrance Day parade and I was happy to note that the turnout of our own ship’s company was larger than other years. Some of us have served ‘overseas’ in various countries, which tends to make being home and being alive, a little more precious.

Thank you to all who turned out to the cenotaphs of the country. It meant everything to all of us in uniform. Spread the word so the crowds will be even larger next year!

Lest we forget

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