Original Bah Humbug Hand Printed Christmas Card

Bah! Humbug (Again)!


Yes, it is almost that wonderful time of year again.  That special occasion that is getting stretched longer and longer every year.  Of course , we are discussing ‘Christmas’, a term I am loath to use anytime before the actual month in which it occurs.  I’ll tell you why it bothers me so.  Having people discussing, shopping, celebrating Christmas immediately after Halloween, means that the public have bought into the retailer’s and manufacturer’s version of the event.  In other words, ‘mass commercialism and consumerism’ – not even remotely like what the original Christmas was supposed to be about.  I am not suggesting buying lots of presents is ‘anti-Christmas’.  But does everything that is attached to the day, have  to stretch for eight weeks or more??  What other holiday or special event is celebrated and prepped for TWO MONTHS before the actual event?!

Now, for taking this stance, I am often accused of not liking Christmas.  I say BOO!  In truth, I stand for the very opposite – the preservation of the old fashioned Christmas that we used to know.  I LOVE Christmas!  I really do.  But seeing shoppers going crazy over ‘Black Friday’ or Boxing Day or Christmas sales and come-ons, sickens and saddens me.  How can one possibly sustain the excitement the day deserves, if you are putting up your Christmas lights and tree in November?

Next, retailers will be lobbying to change that well-known Christmas song to ‘The Seventy Five Days of Christmas’ and the even better known poem, ”Twas the Month Before Christmas’!   I hope some of you will join me in celebrating the festive season in December and not by spending it all in the malls .. .. .. .Bah!  Humbug!

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