Blue Sea Parting

Miracles – Maybe WE Just Don't See Them?


When it comes to Easter, I lean more to the religious or Christian angle of the event, as opposed to bunnies, chocolate and now apparently, ‘Easter gifts’.   So, as we were walking Judd the dog through Whistler’s forests, for some reason or other, I got to thinking about miracles.  We all know of the ancient biblical miracles of the parting of the Sea, turning a single loaf and fish into food for thousands, walking on water, the burning bush, ten commandments and so forth.  “Why are”, I thought to myself, “these miracles all way in the past?  Why are there none we can list in these modern times?”  What does that say about religiosity and Christianity?  But wait!  That is too deep a discussion for this author.  Let’s stick to miracles . . .

Perhaps miracles occur all the time, but we are too obtuse, busy or disbelieving to see them?  Maybe the individual who was pulled out alive from the Haiti rubble after nearly a month, was a miracle.   Possibly every successful birth is a miracle.  Spider webs could be miracles.  Is it possible that there are so many on-going miracles that they have just become mundane and part of daily life?  Do miracles have to be spectacular and HUGE?  Personally, I would love to see something that I could unequivocally claim was a miracle.  I mean, I’ve seen many things in my life that I cannot explain and maybe some of them were miracles, but I just wasn’t switched on enough to get it.  I saw people in the Sudan with huge smiles living in what we would term ‘poverty’.  I’ve been sailing with my friends, sharing laughter mixed with the sounds of the bow crashing through the waves.  I’ve wrongly pre-judged many people and they became my friends anyway.  Miracles?

Could it be that we just have to be more observant, less critical and slow down a bit to see  miracles?  Today’s society or at least the society of the western world, seems to move so fast, expect so much and with an end goal of amassing as much money as possible, that perhaps miracles cannot compete.   I think miracles are hiding right there in front of us.  And like the new 3-D where you have to wear special glasses, perhaps we just need to ‘adjust’ our vision.  I’ll continue to look for my miracles in the forests, on dog walks and in my neighbourhood . . . . .

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