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Canada: Economic Coward?


You know, if you were an outsider looking into Canada, you would think we were world’s biggest economic cowards!  Note all the wailing, clasping of heads, woe-is-me’s, predictions of doom and the like when it comes to discussions of the new Canada-China Free Trade deal.  Obviously, I refer to the federal non-Conservative parties.

Why cannot Canada for once, ‘carpe diem’?  Grab something forcefully and aggressively in an economic sense?  Where is our spirit of adventure?  Of fortitude?  Why are we so, so afraid of risk in this country?  From the banks – when it comes to lending funds to new start-up countries – to our businesses, we are far behind many other countries in the world.  I am not talking about the risk that put the USA into recession and more specifically their freewheeling banking system.  I am talking about the courage to seize something bigger then ourselves!  An opportunity to finally make Canada a real world economic power, instead of the fair-to-middlin’ power we have always been.  Yes, once in a very infrequent while, Canada steps up to the plate and bats and economic homer.  However, these are few and far between.

Come on Canada!  Let’s grow our economy.  Let’s be a world power.  Let’s take the shot .. .. . .

Canada: The New Economic Power or an Economic Coward?


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