Get Used To It


From World Two,  or at least the fifties, Canadians have become used to levels of service from municipal, provincial and federal governments that were never affordable or sustainable for the size of our population.  During the Trudeau era, these services and other programmes brought on board, needed to be supported via debt financing.

Since the federal Liberal party began cost-cutting in the 1990’s,  in order to reduce the debt and deficit, the aforementioned programmes and services have been reduced.  This trend has continued and increased, as governments realize the basic truth, “WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS”, whatever ‘this’ may be.

So, after reading the ‘letters to the editor’ sections of various newspapers and the complaints of closed offices, slow services, unanswered telephone calls and disappearing departments contained therein, I am inclined to say “get used to it”.  In typical Canadian fashion, we  began to believe that the wonderful services provided us,  were merely our due and who cared how they were paid for.  We compared our programmes favourably to those offered in the USA, not for a minute wondering how this could be so, when they  had ten times our population and ten times our economy.

Well, now we know.  WE paid for everything we enjoyed through our taxes and then through borrowing.  Get used to reduced services until they get to a level we can afford.  It is a new fact of Canadian life . .. .. .

“We owe. We owe. It’s off to pay our debt we go” . . .. .

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