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  • A Decent Man

    The Ingredients of the Decent Man


    The decent man: 1. Is not perfect, 2. Will make mistakes, 3.  Fibs and even lies occasionally, 4.  Frequently falls off the pedestal, 5.  Most often tries to do the right thing . . .. 6.  but  often doesn’t, 7.  Possesses courage . .. . …

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  • 6645138.bin 1

    Dig Deeper!


    CommonDawg is starting to wonder, if there might not be more to this affair of the Quebec students demonstrating against higher tuition fees. The whole affair seems to have grown far beyond this one issue, with much of the Quebec and other Canadian public involved. …

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  • I Lament the Porch


    I do.  I lament the porch.  Or rather, I lament the passing of the use of the classical porch versus the purely decorative ones we see now.

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  • Belly to Belly


    So here’s little Jimmy working at the Winter Olympic Games in Whistler.  I’m employed as a media liaison guy with Olympic Broadcasting Services.  One of the menial roles I played was to work in the ‘mixing zone’, where the athletes come through after competing, to …

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  • Bok Choy Winter Vegetable Lg 6700602

    Cellular Shopping


    So there I am standing in a Whistler supermarket.  I turn down the international foods aisle or whatever they call it, and it is packed!  Oh.  Did I mention that this was Easter weekend?  As I worm and dodge my way down the crowded aisle, …

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  • Gordon Campbell Tokyo May 2010

    What Are The BC Liberals Thinking?!


    The BC Liberals have fallen into the Guergis-Jaffer trap.  That is, they started to believe their own press.  Whereas Helena Guergis and her husband epitomized ‘entitlement’, the BC Libs have long thought themselves ‘omnipotent’.  I call it the ‘we are so far ahead of the …

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  • Getauctionthumb

    Canadas Taliban Prisoners, A Tempest in a Political Teapot


    The opposition parties of Canada must be rubbing their hands with glee, as the Afghan prisoner debate goes on, and on and on . .. . . Do any of them REALLY care what happens to Taliban taken prisoner by Canadian soldiers?  I mean, if …

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  • 200px Canadian Forces Emblem.svg

    Dear Canadian Media


    Dear Canadian Media, Those of us in the Canadian military, full and part-time, appreciate your greater coverage of the past few years.  We really do.  However, allow me to correct a few inaccuracies, and if you would pass these onto the Canadian public, that’d be …

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